Management of all transmission technologies in cableScout®

cableScout® demonstrates its fully functional and graphical performance particularly clearly in the administration of complex multiplex procedures such as CWDM, DWDM, SDH and PDH. As multiplexers often consist of assembly groups with many components, the user benefits from the modular design of the cableScout® module racks which enable the multiple nesting of further module racks.

The broadband functionality within cableScout® enables the most complicated multiplexer structures to be seamlessly captured and displayed clearly through to channel level. Realistic mapping of shelves, module racks, interface cards and slot components ensure additional simplification.

Highlights in the broadband area are the specifically developed query functions which consist of automatic route search/planning and automatic routing. The system searches for the optimum route after input of the bandwidth and the specification of the various optimisation criteria such as the number of CrossConnects. The search result constantly enables the system manager to estimate in advance the necessary capacities such as time slots or virtual containers for a route to be switched on. Route planning is an essential approach precisely for redundant routing.

The functionalities and graphic displays of cableScout® deliver transparency and understandability to the complex subject of multiplexing, therefore ensuring effective and fault-free administration.

  • Management of all topologies of multiplex processes.
  • Modelling of all multiplexer components with assignment of wave length for ports.
  • Administration of xWDM, xPON, xDSL, Splitter, remote control technologies, PCM systems, X-Box and media converters.
  • Management of all SDH hierarchy levels from STM-0 to STM-n.
  • The multiple nesting of module racks enables the optimum use of the resources available.
  • Route search by wave length and bandwidth.
  • Complex nestings of multlplexer routes can be transparently triggered and displayed.
  • Feasibility tests avoid failures and guarantee effective administration.