Reports and Outputs

It goes without saying that in addition to all the important functionalities and display options, a modern fibre management software application like cableScout® also includes meaningful reports and exports from the database.

Standardised analyses include reports on connections, buildings, components, ducts, signals, maintenance cycles and capacity utilisations. Setting filters further refines the analysis results.

Alongside the standard, there is also the option of using the special report generator to easily compile customised database queries and to save them as templates.

This enables the specialist department or management to compile the reports required very quickly, retrieve them at any time and output them in various formats.

In addition to these reports, every program part of the system also has the option of outputting the relevant data as a standard export in formats such as Excel, PDF, Google, AutoCAD or Shapefile. For example, this enables reports on the connectivity of splice closures, component occupancies, duct occupancies, cable damage or cable occupancies to be produced.

Various special exports are also available such as the Shapefile export in accordance with GIS ancillary clauses 3.x/4.x as required in Germany for funded projects of atene KOM. For Swiss cableScout® customers the specially developed exports for FIBX, Dreamfiber and DEX are certainly of great interest in this regard.

This cross-function analysis option of geographic, functional and logical information, ensures the company has a comprehensive overview of the actual global situation of the network at all times.

  • Many field-proven printouts, reports and exports for both specialist departments and management
  • Meaningful statistics such as on illuminated fibres, incorporated fibre meters or free capacities
  • Easy compilation and storage of individual reports without SQL knowledge
  • Various output formats such as Excel, Google, AutoCAD, Shapefile or PDF

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