cableScout® monitoring

24/7 monitoring of optical fiber infrastructure with cSmonitoring

The monitoring of optical fiber cables is becoming more and more important for network operators especially for those with critical infrastructure. cableScout monitoring (cSmonitoring) was especially created for that purpose. cSmonitoring is a standalone software system which is capable of interpreting and categorizing SNMP alarms received from so called OTDR devices.

A classical use case of the application is the detection of a fiber / cable cut and the localization of the fault on the map. The system automatically sends out notifications via Mail/text to the according administrator/s. This fast reaction enables the network operator to react very fast on events within his network and by that avoid longer disturbances and eventual related costs for SLA breaches.

The software system is based on a MS SQL express database and can basically be installed in any given environment. The network infrastructure which shall be monitored can either be imported directly from cableScout or other sources like for example shapefiles. The system requires only a quick training and can be implemented within a short time. Generally all OTDR-devices which are capable of sending the fault location via SNMP can be interfaced with cSmonitoring.


  • Monitoring of P2P and P2MP infrastructures

  • Immediate mail/text notification in case of an alarm

  • Categorisation of different fault types (fiber cut, signal lost. manhole intrusion etc.)

  • Interface to OTDR deivcies of multiple vendors (e.g. ADVA ALM , Viavi etc)

  • Usage of different map material (WMS, OSM etc)