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Documentation, planning and administration of
modern telecommunications networks and resources

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Fibre networks

Signals arrive accurately with cableScout®

cableScout® enables you to efficiently manage every single fiber of
your optical fiber network from the backbone down to the access area.


Fiber to the Home

cableScout® provides transparency

cableScout® offers automatic functionalities which enable you
to design or document FTTH areas within a very short time range.


Copper Networks

Keep an overview
with cableScout®

With cableScout® you are able to manage and
depict all types and topologies of copper networks
including the active transmission technologies.


Equipment and connection management

cableScout® optimizes the utilization of resources

In cableScout® you can very easily create any active or passive device.
New cable connections or signal allocations can be created very quickly.


Broadband technology

cableScout® manages networks at the highest standard

With cableScout® you can depict even the most complex multiplexer structure and manage it.


Management with cableScout®

Fiber and Copper Networks




cableScout® mobile

Network data
always at hand!

Network documentation is fully available offline

Data is always current

Incorporation of maps (HERE Maps, OpenStreetMaps, Bing etc.)

Fast response to faults

Comments and Notes (text, photo, sketches)

More about cableScout® mobile


The fiber management software

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Client testimonials about cableScout®

It is now very easy with cableScout® to maintain our cable network together with all the activated layouts. The software is user-friendly and provides us with an excellent overview of our network.

Lilo Solca / BLS

Thanks to the management software cableScout® we were able to significantly improve the availability of our fiber network. Required fiber details are always at hand when needed and the system is capable of proposing alternative routes in case of a network problem. For us cableScout® is the ultimate insurance for an efficient network operation and a swift resolution of eventual network failures.

Marcel Meier / EKZ / Zürich

cableScout® provides us with a comprehensive overview of our fibre optic network which means we can also manage it effectively. Therefore we can very quickly remove any faults that may occur. We immediately have all the details of a faulty cable displayed on the screen and can quickly find alternative routes, in order if necessary to effect an emergency switch. cableScout® is very user-friendly and the support provided is excellent.

Paul Zurgilgen / Project Manager Telekom Elektrizitätswerk Obwalden

enwor manages its all its external fibre optic and copper data networks in CableScout®. For us the highlights of the system are the FTTH functionalities and in particular the micro-duct management. The central data hub means we can quickly access information to troubleshoot a fault. We can now also answer customer and supplier queries within a few seconds. We are very happy with cableScout® and with the service provided by JO Software GmbH and we are delighted to recommend them.

Volker Rahn / enwor Energie & Wasser vor Ort

The cableScout® fibre management function enables us to label each individual fibre individually and to display it in detail. This in turns us to allows us to show detailed resolution of the fibre courses, to create meaningful splice plans and to locate errors using an OTDR device. In short, cableScout® is the perfect solution for us and the competent support provided completes the picture perfectly.

Daniel Rindlisbacher / Industrielle Betriebe / Langenthal

In cableScout® we capture all fibre optic connections, cabinets, components, patches and in-house cabling. We use the route search and the route analysis functions in the system very frequently. These enable us to find the optimum connection options and to display cable routes from start to finish in detail. cableScout® makes our work much easier and ensures that we have an excellent overview of our fibre optic network.

Sandra Pargätzi / Kraftwerke Hinterrhein

cableScout® is a reliable fibre tool for the efficient management of our FTTH network. We particularly like the fact we can map our network very realistically and in its entire depth.

Sandro Bucher / localnet AG

cableScout® is used for the detailed planning of the fibre optic network for the town of St. Gallen. Therefore, the software is - so to speak - our 'fibre bible', without which we could not operate our network. cableScout® is graphics-based and therefore very user-friendly with all the information we need accessible at the touch of a button.

Marco Peter / Sankt Galler Stadtwerke

We use cableScout® to manage all our telecommunications, in other words, our fibre optic and copper networks. We like the system because the documentation and planning are easy to handle and new projects can be created in a self-explanatory way.

Thomas Fuchs / Stadtwerke Mühlacker

Our copper and fibre optic networks are totally managed and supported by the cableScout® cable management system. A very important function for us is to be able to document the details of the services activated by our business customers from start to finish. As a result we are able to compile analyses on leased cables and fibres and charge for our services accordingly. cableScout® is the optimum solution for our company as it includes all the functionality we need and the software is very stable.

Lothar Maximini / Stadtwerke Trier

We maintain our control cables and fibre optic cables in cableScout®. Of course this also includes the management of connections and services. cableScout® is a fantastic network management tool. We particularly like the design and clarity of the system. This means we always have access to all important information and never lose perspective.

Michael Knebel / Stadtwerke Weinheim

We are network operators and we broadcast our communications signals (TV, radio, internet and telephony) via our fibre optic infrastructure. All the documentation and planning of our fibre optic and FTTH networks is handled by cableScout®. Even very abstract connections can be displayed very transparently in the schematic map. Our requirements and needs are met in full by cableScout®.

Daniel Steiger / Technische Betriebe Wil

Our entire transmission network is mapped in cableScout®. We document the complete infrastructure, geo-referenced and from port to port, including services on individual fibres. We display the devices used as realistically as possible and cable routes are aligned geographically. As our fibre optic lines run throughout Austria across several providers, a single point of failure (SPOF) would often arise. However, since we have been using cableScout® we have a full overview and can avoid such errors in advance.

Gerhard Damböck / T-Mobile Austria Manager

WWZ manages its extensive fibre optic network with cableScout® including its protective ducts and micro-ducts. Some signal cables and copper lines are also documented with the system. cableScout® guarantees good and fault-free customer documentation. "The support provided is excellent and cableScout® fully meets all our requirements.

Michael Bieri / Wasserwerke Zug

Westnetz GmbH uses cableScout® to document its entire FTTx networks and all network elements in full including any services activated via the network. This documentation forms the basis for the secure operation of our FTTx networks and for the optimum marketing of home connections. The support provided by JO Software GmbH is excellent and we very much appreciate the fact that our requirements are taken into consideration in future developments.

Thomas Graf / Westnetz GmbH (RWE Service GmbH)

We use cableScout® to implement our fibre documentation and planning for our FTTH network. We particularly like the fact that we can compile orders very easily and issue them to installers. We also like the transparency and ease of use of cableScout®.

Severin Probst / Energiewerke Meilen

We use cableScout® to manage our entire fibre optic and empty duct networks. We particularly like the versatile and flexible possibilities of the documentation. We are very happy with the system and its associated support.

Kristoph Poppenwimmer / Line technology employee Stadtwerke Passau

cableScout® enables us to store and transparently display all the information relating to our fibre optic, data, cable ducting and communications networks in one single platform. This means we can use the system as a basis for all planning purposes and efficiently process any new cabling or equipment integration. We particularly like the fact that the system is under continuous development and that our wishes and suggestions are always taken into consideration in this process.

Norman Schlesier / Energieversorgung Gera

Cable Management with the highest level of transparency and precision

Thanks to the continuously updated overview of the network, optimum use can be made of those physical and logical resources which are also considered in any planning of capacity expansions or network extensions.

The ability to break down cable, fibre or signal courses in detail across all stations and devices in the schematic map or in the geography means that any network faults can be localised very quickly.

By holding network documentation in a central database, with just one mouse-click users have access to all the information they need to process customer queries and answer them promptly.

The clearly structured and simplified documentation as well as the associated management functions, mean that communications networks, however complex they are, can be administered considerably more efficiently.

Over 350 companies in more than
20 countries trust in cableScout®

work with cableScout®

News and Events

1801, 2023

cableScout at the Fiberdays in Wiesbaden

Save the date! We will be present as exhibitors at the BREKO Fiberdays in Wiesbaden from 15-16 March. We have the latest cableScout, cSmobile and cSmonitoring versions in our luggage. Together with our technology partner ADVA, we will show how professional monitoring of critical infrastructure works - 24/7. We cordially invite you to visit us at stand P1 on 15 and 16 March. We look forward to seeing you!

1601, 2023

Albstadtwerke opt for cable management software cableScout

Albstadtwerke GmbH was looking for a tool to document and manage the company's own fibre optic network. After extensive research on the market and exchange of information with existing customers of JO Software, they decided to purchase the cable management software cableScout.

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