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3107, 2020

Municipal utility of Vilshofen decided for cableScout

The municipal utility of Vilshofen decided to use cableScout for the documentation and administration of their fiber network. The upcoming FTTH projects shall be from the beginning managed with cableScout.

207, 2020

GPON technology in cableScout

We just uploaded a new video to the customer area which explains how to easily administrate GPON in cableScout. The video also show the various uses of splitters and mux-splitters.

2406, 2020

GDMcom opted for the software cableScout

GDMcom is a specialist of telecommunications in the East of Germany. For the management of their network infrastructure the company decided to use cableScout. The system will provide all necessary information for further expansion, [...]

1706, 2020

Sales promotion Commscope library

You are using equipment of the manufacturer Commscope like FIST-MSC or FACT 2 and would like to use this for documentation or planning purposes in cableScout? The get in touch with us using the [...]

2705, 2020

ebs Telenet AG decides for cableScout

The ebs TeleNet operate a fiber network in the communities of Schwyz, Lauerz, Morschach, Muotathal and Steinen and provide telecommunications services for around 6500 households and businesses. Additionally the fiber network is used to [...]

2605, 2020

Interface to Setics Sttar

Together with the developers of Setics we have created a standardized interface to the Tool Setics Sttar. The master plannings created with Setics Sttar can now easiliy be imported to cableScout. The imported data [...]