Planning and Design

cableScout® plays a central role in fibre optic and broadband expansion thanks to its versatile planning and design functions. The software enables every network change or expansion under consideration to be planned quickly and efficiently and prepared for implementation. It is immaterial for cableScout® whether it is a question of smaller measures such as the subsequent connection of a customer, the switching on/off of signals, moving cables or a more extensive project such as the design of a FTTH cluster.

A significant benefit of the system is that the planning mode is based entirely on the current network documentation. This means the user is able to consider existing resources in the best possible way during the planning. This is hugely important specifically for capacity planning and dimensioning of technology sites, cables and duct systems. This synergy effect between the two levels not only accelerates the planning process itself but also avoids unnecessary investments.

During planning all the data flow into the special project administration, from where they can be viewed, re-processed or also deleted by the authorised group of people at any time. The system also enables comprehensive projects to be broken down into many sub-activities which can in turn then be awarded to different contractors.

For each of these sub-projects all the requisite documents such as work orders, material lists, splicing plans and patch lists can be output automatically at the touch of a button. The project manager can call up and administer the progress of a project at any time using the different statuses directly in the graphics or in the project administration.

If a project has been run properly and accepted accordingly, the feedback to the system and planning data are transferred seamlessly into the operational documentation.

  • New fibre optic structures and all types of modifications and expansions to existing structures can be planned
  • Planning takes the existing infrastructure into consideration
  • Several authorised individuals can work on the planning in parallel
  • Planned objects, connections and signals are visible at all times thanks to the colour scheme and planning number
  • The system gives clear work instructions through work orders
  • When a project has been implemented the data flow into the operational documentation

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