Since 1982

„The secret of our success is to understand market requirements and then implement them in such a way in cableScout® that they are easy to understand.“ Ralph Kosztovits | Partner and Managing Director

JO Software Engineering GmbH is an innovative software developer with over 30 years‘ experience in communications networks. Since 1998 the owner-managed company has focussed on the development, sales and support of the well-known fibre management software cableScout®.

The JO Software team is working permanently on the further development and improvement of cableScout® to further expand its strong market position. And this has been a success – as demonstrated by the more than 350 fibre optic operators who use cableScout® as a strategic tool for efficient operations. Customers include prestigious companies from a wide range of sectors including public utilities, telecommunications companies, energy suppliers, oil and gas providers, port and transportation operators.

JO Software Engineering is committed to practice-oriented and high-quality solutions, which ensure maximum customer satisfaction and sustainable, profitable growth.

  • 1982 Foundation of the company
  • 1988 Start of first software developments for industry
  • 1995 Start of development cableScout®
  • 1998 Market launch cableScout®
  • 2000 Renaming and change of company name to GmbH
  • 2001 Market entry CH and AT
  • 2002 Development start of fiber optic technology
  • 2006 100 cableScout® customers
  • 2009 Development start FTTH technology
  • 2012 200 customers
  • 2017 Development start cSmonitoring
  • 2018 300 customers
  • 2020 Development start cSmobile
  • 2022 New cableScout® version 9
  • 2030 600 customers and further markets


„Standing still means falling behind and the first step into the digital wasteland.“

This saying is particularly applicable to our fast-moving IT sector which is why we invest a great deal of time and effort in innovation and in the further development of our products so we always keep a “hair‘s breadth” ahead of the competition. Through our innovations we ensure that we will continue to fully meet and exceed the current and future expectations of cableScout®.


„Flexibility and creativity are what drive us forward every single day.“

We are fully aware of the market requirements and through our uncompromising agility we are constantly seeking additional clear competitive advantages. We develop products and services which fully meet the requirements of our customers and target groups.


„Satisfied customers are the best recommendations.“

We view customer satisfaction as an important key to our success. Through our software solutions and services, we want to make a crucial contribution towards the success of our customers. High customer satisfaction and our constantly increasing number of new customers prove that our services package is very highly thought of.3

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