Fiber Networks

Thorough fibre management thanks to cableScout®

Back in 2002 the future significance of fibre optic technology for network operators was recognised by JO Software Engineering GmbH. The implementation of the special functions and graphics for the fibre optic sector began as part of a project for a large, national telecoms carrier. Through the constant further developments and refinements in this technology over several years, many innovations and ideas flowed consistently into cableScout®, particularly for the WAN and MAN segments. The system therefore now has a huge functional base which enables the continuous, smooth and seamless administration of the fibre optic network from the backbone through the core to the access area, totally integrating both the physical infrastructure of components such as multiplexers, splitters and splice boxes or splicing sleeves and the logical layer with the different wave lengths, signals and part signals.

All attributes of the incorporated objects can also be called up from the database, which enables cableScout® to output the attenuation values of routes, to compile splice reports, perform signal tracing or track the precise position of a fibre break.

As a result of this abundance of information and analyses, the network administration of the company obtains a completely new dimension as far as flexibility, response speed and profitability are concerned.

  • Route analyses of individual fibres, services or entire cables.
  • Route searches over all technologies and media.
  • Routing over all network elements such as multiplexers, switches and splitters.
  • All types of fibre optic cables (multi-mode/single-mode) can be managed.
  • All plug types (E2000, SC and LC) are supported.
  • Calculation of lengths (optical/laid) and attenuation budgets.
  • Single fibre management: Documents, measuring protocols, ownership relationships and SLAs can be stored for each fibre.
  • Storage of loop lengths – at the start, end and in the route itself.