Functional Modules

For each network operator the suitable cableScout® system

cableScout® is a modular system that consists of a basic version that can be supplemented by a range of functional modules. This modular approach enables the system composition to be customised and adapted to each company’s specific requirements.

The basic version of cableScout® includes all the main functionalities and display options to perform the continuous capture of fibre optic and copper networks from the location through to signal level. cableScout® is very easy to use thanks to its in-house developed graphical user interface with its many functions and display formats. The user works mainly directly in the graphics from where it populates the database with inputs. This means that the system is easy to learn and use leading to high levels of employee acceptance – all guarantees for a successful implementation of desired objectives.

Modular software

The basic version can be supplemented by the following modules:

Vector Maps Module

This module can import geo-referenced DXF files onto existing map material as a separate or transparent layer. The DXF layer, including cableScout® objects, can also be exported as DXF and DWG.

SDH/PDH technology

This high-performance module package is equipped with all the necessary functions to make the documentation and administration of the SDH/PDH technology easier. One highlight of the module are the specifically developed query functions which consist of automatic route search and automatic routing.

WMS Module

This module enables maps and layers to be obtained from all GIS platforms which supply WMS (WebMapServices). Various WMS services can be selected during the runtime of cableScout®.

Route Search

The cableScout® route search feature helps the user quickly find new or alternative routes. After inputting the start and end points and in order to obtain the best possible search result, the user can define a wide range of search options such as free wires/fibres, required bandwidth or stations to be excluded.

WAN/MAN Planning

Planning new external network objects such as buildings, ducts and cable connections is a very fast process with this module. All planning data flows into a special planning database where it can be administered.

Schematic Plan

The Schematic Map is a flexibly compilable network overview/splice plan which can display the routes of cables, wires/fibres and services at port level from a selected start point to the relevant end point.

Duct administration

All common duct types can be documented in external areas with the duct administration function. Interior ducts and cables in existing ducts can be inserted, edited or deleted.

Expanded duct administration

This add-on module is a functional expansion of the duct module and displays and administers all types of down ducts and micro-ducts. An infinite number of ducts, small ducts and duct compositions can be laid in one duct.

Manual duct planning

This module is responsible for the planning and implementation of all trench and duct connections between building structures. It supports the user in planning new objects and also provides simultaneous information of where and by whom anything new is being planned or executed.

Work orders

Desired changes in the network, such as the switching on of services or the construction of new routes can be designed in this module in just a few steps and associated work orders can be generated automatically.

Automatic FTTX planning

This module enables FTTH projects to be planned fully automatically. The system incorporates the trenches and ducts and then very quickly calculates the material (ducts, cables, building equipment, etc.) needed for the project and then calculates the corresponding project budget..

Manhole administration

With the Manhole Administration Module, manhole views together with the ducts and cables running through them can be administered as one entity. Ducts can be easily integrated into the relevant manhole entrances by using the drag and drop feature.

Customer, operator and owner administration

Ownership rights in the network can be individually assigned here and leased and dark fibre can also be administered. This module enables the customer to consider, amongst other things, the ownership status in the route search and thereby, as an example, to find the optimum route course for the switch-on of a new service.

Broadband technology

This module is used to map and administer all the broadband technology. It enables the most complicated multiplexer structures to be seamlessly captured and displayed clearly through to channel level.

Google Earth Export

This module exports cableScout® objects to Google Earth, displays them there in the correct position and also reads in Google KMZ files. The Google export enables the user to export any amount of cableScout® network data, taking a wide range of output parameters and/or filters into consideration.

DXF layer import

Users can use this module to import an existing duct network (trenches and main ducts) taking the selected coordinates system into consideration. The main benefit is that ducts and buildings are set up as objects directly in the database and are then immediately available for further processing in cableScout®.

Shapefile export

This module is used to export shapefiles from the cableScout® data and in this regard data is divided into buildings, ducts and cable shapes. The geographic course and the relevant attributes (cable number, structure name, etc.) are exported to the respective object classes.

Access management

Extensive authorisations for employees or external companies are allocated here. Therefore, depending on authorisation level, whole rooms, cabinets, components, cables, fibres, for example, can be faded in/out for the user.

Reporting and inventory

With this module the customer receives a high-performance and flexible tool used to autonomously create database queries without any SQL knowledge and then save them as a template.

User attributes

This module is used to add additional information to almost any object that may exist in cableScout® (e.g. duct, cables, components, cabinet, room, etc.) and enables important additional information to be filed, retrieved and printed at any time.
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